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Welcome to Wayne's Auto Sales. We have a terrific inventory that is constantly being updated. There is a wide variety of cars in our inventory for all types of buyers. Please check out our on-line inventory or come on in to see the vehicles. Give us a call and we would be happy to answer all of your questions.

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In todays economy the need for Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships is a necessity, because most banks and lending institutions have tightened their underwriting controls. Those borrowers that used to qualify for standard loans no longer do. For many this is a first experience dealing with this type of dealership.

There are many fly by night operations that are , let's face it, in it for a quick buck and soon close their doors, and their customers are left holding the proverbial bag. However there is some light for those in need of a BHPH dealer, because there are many reputable dealers out there. A consumer just needs to do their homework to ensure they are working with one that stands behind their product.

Here are five quick tips to keep in mind when finding the right Buy Here Pay Here dealership.

One: How long have they been in business? There are many BHPH dealerships that open their doors one day and close not long after. Make sure the dealership you deal with has a history that shows they will be there for some time in the future.

Two: Do they provide a service program to help the consumer after their purchase? Many of the vehicles at a BHPH dealership have high mileage or are older than five years. Some reputable dealers perform a multi-point inspection of the vehicle before they put it on the lot. But most people know these types of vehicles may need some work to be done after the sale, and a quality service department that works in tandem with the sales department is a good asset for a BHPH dealer.

Three: What do I need to bring if I want to purchase a vehicle? Know before going in exactly the paperwork you will need to bring into the dealership to complete the underwriting process and the sale. A reputable dealership has a stringent underwriting process when it comes to financing their vehicles and it sometimes involves more than just ordering a credit report. Be prepared to answer any and all questions to determine eligibility.

Four: After the sale, how do I make payments? Some BHPH dealers require that payments be made directly at their offices to ensure repayment of the loan. Be thorough when finding out this information because even one missed payment can result in a repossession of your vehicle.

Five: Do they have a late payment policy? It all depends on the dealership and their pratice policies, but most trustworthy dealers have their late payment policies and pratices spelled out for their customers. It is no mystery how they operate, so if they don't show you their proceedures, then insist upon seeing them.

About Us

Wayne's Auto Sales has been serving the South Jersey area of Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester counties for 30 years. We have two locations featuring over 100 vehicles. We have a full service facility at 113 S. Delsea Drive Glassboro and another sales facility at 409 N. Rt 130 West Collingswood Hts.

Management is very conscientious about what they sell, nothing leaves the lot that won't live up to its warranty. All vehicles are serviced used cars that come with a 30-day warranty and all vehicles are guaranteed to pass NJ state inspection.

At Wayne's Auto you are encouraged to have your own mechanic check out the car so you know exactly what you are buying. We are up front with our customers and we care about building good relationships. We also help individuals who would be unable to obtain vehicles because of bad credit, no credit, bankruptcy and other credit related problems. Please see our BUY HERE PAY HERE link for more information on this service.